Controlling an IP camera from OpenRemote

I have a cheap wanscam IP camera which is currently next to my living room window monitoring the front of my house and the living room itself. It includes IR for night vision and can be panned and tilted remotely. It streams data in various formats and can detect motion and send emails or unload pictures via ftp.

I can control it via the OpenRemote remote control, and OpenRemote supports a streamed feed from the camera on one of your screens, but I have not tried this yet. I usually view the camera stream from another Android app or browser. One reason that I don’t currently include it in OpenRemote is that the designer does not yet support it, so I would have to keep editing the panel xml file. I will try it soon to check that it works with this camera.

Panning and tilting the camera using OpenRemote is simple. You just set up a command and a button and use the http protocol with a URL such as http://ipcam:99/decoder_control.cgi?onestep=1&command=0&user=<user>&pwd=<password&gt;

I have the IP camera plugged in to a socket controlled by LightWaveRF, so I can switch the camera on and off using OpenRemote.

I have port forwarding set up in my router for the IP camera and the camera feed is available on the Internet via DDNS.

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