RFM12b Board

I have bought an RFM12B Board Kit from Jeelabs, and have soldered it together. It took me a few goes to get all the soldered joints working, but it is working fine now.

I bought this partly because I wanted an 868MHz transceiver to receive signals from my 868MHz LightWaveRF devices, such as the window switch, and partly because I wanted to try out the Jeelabs stuff as it has much longer battery life than my current devices.

A single transceiver with nothing to talk to is not much use, so I have ordered a Jeenode. I think I will start using Jeenodes for my room sensors. Jeelabs have a Room Board with a more or less identical set of sensors to my current room sensor, so I should just be able to buy that and make a room sensor with a much longer battery life.

I can then replace my energy monitor with an emonTx and that too will have a long battery life. I will then look at my IR remote control device as I could replace that with a Jeenode and the Jeelabs IR plug.

I need a way to connect these RFM12 868MHz devices to the Raspberry Pi home automation server. There are lots of solution to this. I could attach a Jeenode to the GPIO pins and use a serial link. Jeelabs have a blog post on doing this. Alternatively, I could use the RFM12Pi from OpenEnergyMonitor. Lastly I could use a Jeelink attached to a USB port. I think the RFM12Pi looks the nicest solution.

When I have all this stuff working at 868MHz, I won’t have so much use for my existing trasceiver. I think I will use that mainly to control RF 434MHz devices such as LightWaveRF sockets and lights, and also my central heating if I get that going.

The RFM12 doesn’t seem to communicate with the LightWaveRF 868Mhz devices, and it does not detect a signal from my wireless doorbell, so I will need to keep on looking for solutions for them.

I think I will also use a Jeenode in my robot, Keith, to replace the Arduino which currently drives the serial link on the Roomba.

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2 Responses to RFM12b Board

  1. gazzat5 says:

    Don’t the lightwaveRF devices run on 468mhz, not the 868?

  2. Geek Grandad says:

    Most LightwaveRF devices work at 434Mhz, but I believe the heating devices work at 868Mhz.

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