LightWaveRF magnetic switch

I tried one of the LightWaveRF magnetic switches. Unlike, the window switch, which is part of the LightWaveRF heating range and uses 868MHz, the cheaper and smaller magnetic switch transmits at 433.92 MHz.

jeenode 004

I tried it with my RF Sniffer box, and got this from Audacity when I separated the switch:


You can clearly see where the transmission is, so I selected that, pasted it into a new window and expanded it:


LightWaveRF sends the same signal multiple times, so I selected what looks like one of them:


You can now clearly see the bits. The bit pattern is:

1 1 1111 0110 1 1111 0110 1 1011 1011 1 1110 1110 1 0110 1111 1 1101 0111 1 1101 1011 1 1110 1011 1 1110 1011 1 1110 1110 1

The message starts with a 1 bit, ends with a 1 bit and each byte is preceded by a 1 bit, so the message in hex is:

f6 f6 bb ee 6f d7 db eb eb ee

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