Using the LightWaveRF magnetic switches

I am making progress on an Arduino sketch to read LightWaveRF messages. I just need to make it a bit more reliable. It looks as if the messages from the remote controls are 10 bytes, but the ones from the magnetic switches are 8 bytes.

What will I use the switches for?

I think I will put one on each of the windows in the house. I might put on of the front door. It already has a switch attached to the house security system. Adding another one is simpler than trying to reuse the existing one. I could also put one on the patio doors.

I think I will also put one on the fridge and one on the freezer door. The bwired house has a count of how many times the fridge has been opened, so I want one too. I am not sure what use it is. The fridge already gives an audible alarm if the door is left open too long.

A window switch on the bathroom window could be used in combination with a humidity sensor in the bathroom to give an alert if the window needs to be opened. This might also be useful in the bedrooms.

Switches on the outer doors can be used to check they are shut at night or when I go out, but it won’t tell me if the doors are locked.

Checking that all the windows are shut could be useful when the house will not occupied for a while.

Checking if doors or windows are opened when the house is unoccupied could generate an alarm.

Checking if doors or windows are open when it is cold outside or when it is raining could generate an alarm.

Opening windows or doors could switch off radiators.

There are some windows that are slightly dangerous to open. These could generate a warning. I quite like the idea of generating a loud spoken warning if one of my grandchildren opens one of these windows.

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