Jeenode room sensor

I now have a Jeenode version of the room sensor deployed in my living room:

room node 002

It was a little tricky to solder, but it seems to be working fine. It transmits light level, temperature, humidity, motion and a battery low indicator. It could do with a box or some sort of enclosure. I will probably add a board with a sound meter to it.

I have not yet got it connected it to the Raspberry Pi and OpenRemote. I have not decided which connection option is best: USB to a Jeelink, an RFM12Pi expansion board or a GPIO connection to a Jeenode.

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2 Responses to Jeenode room sensor

  1. Laurent says:

    The easiest solution I’ve used is simply to plug Jeelink to the Pi and installed pyserial (python module) in order to get the serial signal via the USB from the Jeelink on my Pi. Jeenode and Jeelink are designed to communicates each other with RF. No need to make the Pi another RF node imho.

    • Geek Grandad says:

      Hi Laurent, I tried the Jeelink with the RPi and it worked fine. I have also tried the RFM12Pi now. Using that does not make the RPi an RF node. It works like a Jeenode and runs the same software as the Jeelink. It just has the smaller ATtiny AVR processor. One advantage of the RFM12Pi is that it is smaller and neater, and cheaper. It even fits (just about) in my RPi case. Another is that it does not use up a USB slot. Finally, it probably uses less CPU on the RPi as it avoid the USB protocol overheads. The disadvantage of the RFM12Pi is that you have to assemble it, and it is slightly harder to program.

      I have used pyserial, screen, minicom and Java for driving the serial interface. Java is my preferred solution for working with OpenRemote. Lawrie

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