Raspberry Pi with JeeLink

I have tried the Raspberry Pi with Jeelink based on the instructions at Jeelabs.

As I was using the JeeLink and not a serial connection to a Jeenode, I installed screen and did:

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 57600

and the output from my room node appeared on the screen.

I now need to modify my ORControl java program so that I can receive this input OpenRemote sensors.

As the Jeelink and room server is working at 868MHz and the LightWaveRF devices are using 434Mhz, I still need my old Arduino transceiver that uses the Cool Components (Sparkfun) 434Mz transmitter and receiver. I am not sue how well polling both devices on a RPi will work.

I still plan to try the direct connectionto a Jeenode when I have built another Jeenode and also the RFM12Pi exapnsion boar when that arrives.

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