A working RFM12Pi

I have received my RFM12Pi and assembled it:


It works fine with the Raspberry Pi. I can see the packets arriving from the room sensor.

The RFM12Pi has the rfm12demo sketch running on it with baud rate 9600.

To change the program, I will need an ISP programmer, which I currently do no have. I think I will buy the Jeelabs version.

My emontx has also arrived. That looks like a slightly longer assembly job.

I have also received two more Jeenodes, another room board, and an infrared plug. So I have enough kit to build an energy monitor, another room sensor and an infrared remote for the TV, Virgin TiVo and LG AV receiver. I had the TV etc. working with my IR remote. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to get everything going with the Jeenode version. As I have said before, the big advantage of the Jeenode version is much lower power usage.

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