OpenRemote with emonTx

I now have OpenRemote working with emonTx and showing the current power usage in watts on the OpenRemote Android app. It is currently reading a little high when I calibrate it by switching on the 10 50 watt halogen bulbs in my kitchen, so I need to tweak the calculations a bit.

I can now try add some more CT sensors, a 1-wire temperature senor and possibly an optical reading of the gas meter.

I currently have power through the USB mini cable but that is not very convenient for my meter cupboard. I have ordered the case that fits the emonTx from the OpenEnergyMonitor shop, so that I can put the emonTx and a battery pack in the case, and it will be much neater.

I received an EDF (Current Cost) Individual Appliance Monitor today, so I will start looking at that.

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