emonTx deployed

I have fitted the emonTx in its case, improved the accuracy of the calculation of total power usage, and deployed it:

emontx case 004

I will need to monitor over some time to see how accurate it is.

I have not yet decided how I will analyse the data this produces. I have experimented with accounts on Cosm and emoncms.

It will be more interesting when I correlate it with measurements from individual appliances, and when I have enough data to compare it with the data from my electricity supplier.

I already know roughly where all my electricity usage is, and I know of various ways that I can improve it. For example, I have mainly halogen lights in my house, and I have replaced most of them with LCD bulbs, apart from 10 50w halogen downlights in the kitchen. These are 12v MR16 bulbs and each has its own transformer. I am monitoring when LCD replacements for these become bright enough, cheap enough, and will work with the existing transformers.

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One Response to emonTx deployed

  1. gsalerni says:

    Hi. Just bought a set of NextGen II 50W mains voltage replacements for my kitchen from SimplyLed online to replace 8 MR16/transformer setup in my kitchen too. Thinking getting rid of the t’formers will save a little power too (as they are ancient and probably not very efficient). Also been hanging off waiting for Lux to go up and price to go down to palatable levels – bought one of these for about £12 and tried it in the bathroom and happy to report pretty good replacement in terms of lux and colour (I went for warm white). Fingers crossed the bigger area of the kitchen works out as well. SimplyLed did a post crimbo promotion so I picked up 10 of them with discounts which worked out I think about £9 each or therabouts. Now hunting for some cheap GU10 holders to go with so I can fit them…..

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