Infrared remote updated

I have updated my RF to IR remote:

infrared remote 001.

It is now using a Jeenode USB. This is small, but allows me to power the device from USB. As the radio needs to be permanently on to receive any remote control request, batteries are unlikely to last very long.

I made a very simple Jeenode plug with two IR LEDs and a 47 ohm resistor. The two LEDs allow me to point one at the TV and the other at the set top box and AV receiver. I have mounted the device on a table that is in front of the TV.

I am using Ken Shirriff’s library rather than the much more limited Jeelib version, which is why I had to make my own plug rather than use the Jeelabs version.

For some reason a couple of the buttons (Home and Guide) have stopped working. I will have to investigate that.

As usual, I need better packaging for the device. I did buy a project box from Maplin for it, but it is a bit big.

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