IR remote again

I have added an Infrared reciever to my home made Infrared Jeeplug and changed the resistor to 18 ohms to increase the brightness:

infrared 006.

As the Jeenode is 3.3v rather than the Arduino’s 5v, the IR LED was not getting is much current. I don’t really know if I need a resistor at all. For the short time that the LED is on, and with two LEDs in series, I might try it without any resistor.

Anyway, after some respositioning of the device and aiming the LEDs, it is now working much better. All the buttons that have been implemented, including Home, are working fairly reliably.

There are still a few buttons, including Guide, that I have not yet implemented. With the IR receiver in place, I can now capture new codes easily using Ken Shirriff’s library and example programs.

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