IAMs in OpenRemote

I have now added control of the EDF Individual Appliance Monitors to OpenRemote using Jack Kelly’s code. The commands to the Nanode RF are sent by my ORControl Java program, which OpenRemote talks to via TCP/IP sockets.

I have added the IAMs to the list of sockets that I am controlling. This list now has three LightwaveRF sockets, and three IAMs. The status for the IAMs is accurate, as Jack Kelly’s code checks the status every 5 seconds. This is in contrast to LightwaveEF sockets, which do not report status. The IAMs are implemented as an OpenRemote switch, so I can turn them on and off, as well as see the status from the Android OpenRemote app.

I have also added the IAMs to the Power screen in OpenRemote, so as well as the total electricty used, I can now see the number of watts used by up to three appliances.

I have not yet implemented the rules in OpenRemote which will fire when an appliance is switched on or off. I think I will use 3 watts as the threshold for this as sometimes 1 watt is registered when the washing machine or dryer is off, and about 6 watts is registered when the washing machine has finished, but the door has not opened.

I now have three radios attached to ORControl: The Nanode RF 434Mhz for the IAMs, an Arduino with the Cool Components RF 434MHz transmitter and receiver for Lightwave RF, and a JeeLink (or RFM12Pi) for the room nodes and the emonTx electricity monitor. This seems rather excessive and might be too much for the RPi to drive. I need to find a way to use less radios. This is both a hardware and a software issue.

When I add control of the Digistat thermostat receiver, the LightwaveRF individual radiator thermostats and the blinds, I could end up using more radios. Of course, Wifi is also being used for the IP camera, the Roomba robot and the music computer. I have not got a Bluetooth radio in my current solution, but It might happen if I control ant Lego NXT stuff.

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