Electricity data in COSM

UPDATE Feb 5th: I have now added an energy data stream to cosm. This sums my power readings to give total energy in kilowatt hours. I might add data from by IAMs to the feed, so you can see breakdown of the energy use. However, I do not want to add too many extra data streams while I am using JPachube as the API it uses is out of date, and each data stream is a separate PUT to the server, so I will quickly hit the maximum data rate that cosm allows. I will probably write my own Java interface that can push lots of readings in one XML document.

I am now posting my total electricity usage data to COSM, currently every 3 seconds as that is how often emonTx sends it.

I am using JPachube which works but the latest download has some bugs and only seems to work with numeric datastream ids.

Also, my blog is now connected to a new @GeekGrandad twitter account.

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