LightwaveRF light switches

I bought and fitted my first LightWaveRF dimmer switch:

lights 009.

This controls two sets of three halogen spotlights in the master bedroom.

It looks very nice, juts out less than the previous switch, and works well manually and with the LightwaveRF remote control.

I have it working in OpenRemote using my RF 434Mhz transceiver. Currently it just switches the lights on and off, as I have no looked into the protocols commands for dimming. It is about time I improved my LighwaveRF Arduino library, adding this fuctionality, and incorporating the excellent feedback I have got from commenters on this blog.

I have swapped most of the halogen bulbs in my house for LCD versions. Unfortunately the dimmable LED bulbs I used in the bedroom do not seem to be dimmed by this LightwaveRF dimmer switch. They just stay fully bright, even if I replace one of the three bulbs in the spotlight with a halogen one. If I do that the halogen bulb dims, but the LED ones stay fully bright. I will have to look for other LED dimmable bulbs that work with LightwaveRF.

I will fit another two-gang LightwaveRF dimmer switch in my living room when I have found LED bulbs that work with it.

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