Living room lights

I have added another 2-gang LightwaveRF light switch, this time in white to my living room. It was a bit tricky to fit it in this existing box as with all the wiring, it was a very tight fit.

I have added macros to OpenRemote so that I can switch on multiple lights with one click. I am also experimenting with mood buttons that set light, music, volume levels etc.

The status of the lights changes when I use the LightwaveRF remote rather than the Android app, which is good, but it cannot detect manual use of the switches, which is not so good. However, it only takes one click on the switch button in the OpenRemote app to get things back in sync, when they are out of sync. This is harmless as it just attempts to switch the light into the state it is already in.

It is a pity that there another cheap, stylish and hackable equivalent to the LightwaveRF devices, that reports status. A protocol similar to the EDF IAM one would be good.

I have had to revert to halogen bulbs in my living room for the moment as the dimmable LED bulbs I bought do not work with LightwaveRF devices. This will put my power usage up, so I need to look for alternatives that do work.

However, my next priority is improving the LightwaveRF library so that it support setting the dim level of the bulbs. I have the OpenRemote UI with sliders ready. I just have to implement it in the Arduino library.

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