My sensors

I am currently monitoring 40 sensors in OpenRemote.

This is broken down as follows:

  • 4 LightwaveRF light switches with a status sensor and a dim level sensor = 8 sensors
  • 3 LightwaveRF sockets with a status sensor = 3 sensors
  • 3 EDF IAMs with a status sensor and a power value sensor = 6 sensors
  • 2 LightwaveRF window switches with a status sensor = 2 sensors
  • 3 Jeelabs/HAH Airwick room sensors with a temperature, room occupied and light level sensor = 9 sensors
  • One of the room sensors measures humidity and another plant soil moisture = 2 sensors
  • Three local weather sensors: weather summary, temperature and humidity = 3 sensors
  • An emonTX current total electricity power sensor = 1 sensor
  • A music volume sensor = 1 sensor
  • A mobile phone in range sensor = 1 sensor
  • 4 battery level sensors for the three room sensors and the emonTx = 4 sensors

If I monitor every light switch, socket, plant, window, door and room in the house, this will go up to a very large value.

My ORControl Java program monitors all of these in background threads and reports the current value, on demand, to the OpenRemote sever, without any delay. There is a thread for each of the three radio transceivers (Jeelib, LightwaveRF and IAM), and another that monitors the volume level on the music computer and the phone status.

I still have to add: automatic blinds, heating, individual radiators, door bell, letter box, infrared beams, etc.

I would like to add: gas usage, hot and cold water usage, carbon monoxide alarm, smoke alarms, toilet flushing, intruder alarm status, when I have worked out how to do it.

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