My house sends me emails!

My house has now started sending me emails. Currently it sends an email when the EDF Individual Appliance Monitors detect that an appliance has started or finished. This is useful, particularly for telling me when the washing machine or clothes dryer has finished.

I used the Java mail API and sent the message via my gmail account using Google’s SMTP servers. This is very easy and appears to work well. I am currently running it on Windows, but it should work the same on the Raspberry Pi.

Emails are probably more useful to me than texts most of the time, as I check my emails more than I check my phone. If I want to send texts, it is probably easiest to use an email gateway, but most of them charge a few pence per text.

Another option may be for the PC to connect to an app on the phone by Bluetooth and cause the phone to send a text. I don’t know if this can be done while the phone is sleeping. Also, if I am not at home, I would need a phone that remains at home to do this, and if I am at home, I would want to receive rather than send a text on my normal phone. I might have to experiment with this. I am not keen on solutions that have another device or dongle dedicated to sending texts.

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