Current features of my home automation system

  • Uses OpenRemote to provide Android, iOS and web remote control interfaces
  • Use the drools rules system (which is part of OpenRemote) to automate simple rules
  • Controls LightwaveRF dimmer switches and sockets and responds to LightwaveRF window/door switches
  • Both emulates LightwaveRF remote controls and responds to them
  • Does not require the LightwaveRF Wifi Link
  • Works with Jeenodes, including Jeenode room nodes
  • Works with Home Automation Hub Airwick room nodes
  • Works with Arduino based transceivers
  • Works with the OpenEnergyMonitor emonTx
  • Includes Infrared control of a multitude of devices including TVs and set top boxes
  • Includes phone and other IP device detection
  • Can use the Raspberry Pi as its server
  • Monitors individual appliances using EDF or Current Cost IAMs
  • Controls separate music or speech servers
  • Sets and reports audio volume on the music servers
  • Plays Spotify playlists and does simple control of Spotify client on the music server
  • Includes speech synthesis for alerts
  • Sends emails for alerts
  • Is written in Java
  • Monitors events (such as receiving texts) on Android phones and tablets
  • Monitors room occupancy using motion sensors
  • Monitors temperature, light level and humidity in each room
  • Includes a weather feed
  • Uploads power and energy data to COSM
  • Controls IP cameras
  • Includes a graphics LCD display
  • Supports a plant moisture sensor to tell you when your plants need watering
  • Controls an iRobot Roomba based robot like the TurtleBot including control of its robot arm
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