I am lying on my sofa controlling my house by reaching for my phone, tablet or laptop keyboard.

I choose a Spotify playlist, and skip any tracks I am not in the mood for. I adjust the volume.

I decide it is time to put the the football on, so I switch on the TV, receiver and TiVo box, change the channel and mute the volume, all without needing the remote controls.

I adjust the lighting to my taste.

The dish washer is on, and a spoken message tells me when it finishes. I get an email telling me how much electricity it has used. The beeping from the kitchen is a bit annoying, so I switch the dishwasher socket off to stop it.

I decide it is time for a beer, so I send the robot to fetch it.

I deserve the rest after a busy afternoon helping my grandsons download and install lots of different Minecraft mods.

I might never have to leave the sofa.

I was lying about the robot. I had to fetch the beer myself. I can control my Roomba robot, including its robot arm and grabber, but it its navigation is poor, it is not strong enough to open the fridge door, and probably not strong enough to carry the beer. Look, it is a Turtlebot lookalike, not a PR2. I will need to improve the robot a great deal before I get too old to fetch my own beer.

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