Home automation calendar integration

I am considering adding Calendar integration to my home automation system, I will probably use the Google Calendar, the Google calendar API and its Java client libraries.

What integration would be useful?

I am thinking of adding an event at the end of the day to say how much electricity I have used that day. As I am already uploading the data to COSM, this is redundant, but it might be quite useful to see the data in a calendar view and see how electricity usage various over weeks and years.

I could also log when the washer/dryer/dishwasher start and finish to see how often I use them.

I could get my home automation system to tell me about events in my calendar. It could remind me about birthdays a few days in advance, possibly by sending an email. It could remind me when I am supposed to get my grandchildren from school. Different events in the calendar would need different types of reminder.

It might be worth logging minimum and maximum inside and outside temperatures and humidity at the end of each day.

I could make the home automation know about holidays. It could send text message you any significant events when I am on holiday. It could check if plants need watering. It could switch lights on and off to make it look like I am at home. It could open and close blinds every day, although I could do this anyway even when I a at home using a Dusk and Dawn detector.

I could add health data to the calendar. I am considering getting a Fitbit wireless pedometer – probably the Bluetooth 4 version. I could get that to add number of steps taken per day etc. to the calendar. I could add weight measurements and other health/fitness data.

I would like to monitor how many cups of coffee I have each day, but do not want to put a bulky EDF IAM on the coffee machine socket. I am thinking of putting small wireless sensors, possibly using a Funky, inside some devices. I could add a detector to the power switch and possibly add a relay for switching the device on and off. This would be useful on the coffee machine and the music computer. Switching on the coffee machine could only be used for preheating the machine, not making coffee, as attempting that could get messy.

It certainly feels as if it is worth doing calendar integration.

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