Powermat wireless charging

powermat 001

I bought a Powermat wireless charger and two universal receivers for it. These were very cheap as the device has now been discontinued as it does not support the Qi standard and so will not charge the latest phones like the Nokia Lumia ones and the Google Nexus.

I thought at about 5 pounds each for the mat and the two chargers, that it was worth having. I do not have a receiver case for my Android phone, so I have to connect it to one of the universal chargers, but it is still neater than messing around with long cables and wall sockets. It will charge my phone, tablet, iPod, usb battery pack, RPi wireless keyboard etc. I can also use it to power devices like the Jeenode GLCD display for my home automation system.

The main reason I bought it, however, was for possible future robotics projects. It would be much easier for a robot to dock to this to charge itself rather than trying to plug itself into a wall socket as the PR2 robot does.

It also makes cute sounds and switches a light on and off when you connect an disconnect devices.

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