A few updates

There are a few minor things that I have recently updated on my home automation system.

  1. COSM was occasionally giving a Bad Gateway response and JCosmAPI was not recovering from this. It gave an error on every subsequent call. I now make sure it reads the body of the HTML even after an error, and I think this has fixed the bug
  2. I have implemented the start of a library for reading and updating the Google calendar based on Google’s java command line example. This seems to be working fine.
  3. I have had an email from AutomateIt support saying that they have implemented invoking URLs in the background, which will allow me to link my phone to the home automation system much better. I will try this out. They also they now Calendar integration. I will try these out.
  4. I have added more functions to my IR remote, so I can now select the source on my AV receiver, and do a few more functions on the TiVo.
  5. I bought a cheap sound sensor module on ebay based on a Electret microphone. Its sensitivity is not good despite a pot that is supposed to control the sensitivity. It might just be good enough to detect when my grandaughter has left the TV or music on in the bedroom.
  6. I have added a third wireless receiver to my Byron TX wireless door bell, so I now get chimes on all three floors of my town house. I have not yet integrated this with the home automation system yet. I can either hack into the wireless signals or hack one of the wireless receivers to send one of the wireless messages that I currently understand using a small transmitter such as a Funky of a Jeenode micro.I need to experiment with this.
  7. I have added a tag cloud to this blog.
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