More LightwaveRF devices

I have added a few more LightwaveRF devices to me home automation system.

I now have:

  • A double dimmer switch in the living room and the master bedroom
  • Three pluggable sockets
  • A double wall socket
  • Two window/door switches
  • A remote control that can control 16 devices
  • A radiator valve and a thermostat that controls it
  • A window switch that controls the radiator valve

The radiator value and thermostat work fine. I have them fitted in one bedroom that is not always used, so I often want the radiator off. I can use the thermostat to control the temperature of that room, although it will not switch the heating on if I set it above the temperature of the rest of the house. I have not tried the window switch yet.

These three devices work at 868Mhz, whereas the rest of the LightwaveRF devices work at 434Mhz. I have not integrated the 868MHz devices with my home automation system yet.

The light switches are working fine.

I have not yet fitted the wall socket.

All these devices look good and appear to work fine. The only problem is that they do not support polling for their current status. If the did that, I would have no hesitation about fitting them throughout the house. If the wall sockets allowed you to poll for the status and the current power usage, they would be perfect. As it is, it will be quite expensive to fit the wall sockets throughout the house, and I am wary of doing this in case something better comes on to the market. I have 5 double sockets in just the living room, and each one costs about 30 pounds.

The problem with fitting the dimmable light switches throughout the house, is that I would have to replace all my existing LED bulbs with dimmable versions, and I would need to replace my 12v kitchen MR16 halogen bulbs with dimmable GU10 ones. I am also not sure if LightwaveRF can cope with my hall and kitchen lights where each light switch can control the other, so that they both act like master and slave. I will need to investigate this.

I though originally that the dimmable LED bulbs that I bought fro Amazon did not work with the LightWaveRF switches, but if I use two LED bulbs and one halogen in each set of three spotlights they do work, it is just that the halogen bulbs dims much lower than the LED ones. This set up is OK for the moment, but not perfect.

I still need to improve the LightwaveRF library, and make the window/door switches work more reliably.

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