Phone integration again

Now that the authrs of AutomateIt have added the background URL feature, I have been able to integrate my mobile phone with my home automation system.

ORcontrol now copes reasonably well with HTTP requests and returns a valid response.

So far I have informed the home integration system when the phone screen comes on and goes off, when Wifi is connected or disconnected, when any text or call is received and when specific texts are received.

Currently it responds to most of these by just speaking a message to inform me that the event has happened. However, the specific texts do actions like switching lights on and off.

This will allow me to control the house by text message, but only if I leave an Android phone at home for this purpose. The phone needs to be connected to the LAN by Wifi. I need to do some more testing to check if receiving the specific texts cause the phone to wake up and connect to Wifi and if it is does it fast enough so that invoking the ORControl URL works.

There are lots more triggers that AutomateIt supports, such as Google calendar integration, which I will investigate. One possibility is the location trigger, which I could use to tell my home automation system where I am. This would either need the ORControl url to be accessible from the internet, or I could send a text message to the mobile phone that I leave as home, for text message control of the house.

I do plan to put the OpenRemote and ORControl servers on the Internet at some time, but I will need to improve security before I do that.

To use the phone to welcome me when I get home, I need to implement a rule, something like:

If the phone connects to the Wifi, and the house in unoccupied, and it is dark outside, then:
switch on the front door and hall lights.

With calendar integration, I could do more. For example if the calendar indicated that it is the day that I got back from holiday, I could switch the heating on (if cold inside), switch the coffee machine on, etc.

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