Home automation informal ontology

I am now implementing the language for controlling my home automation, and need to sort out the ontology a bit.

The classes in my ontology are:

  • area – an area of a house or garden, e.g floor or room
  • device – things like light switches, sockets, window switches, appliances, cameras, music servers
  • sensor – a subclass of device that can measure quantities
  • quantity – a quantity that can be measured such as temperature, humidity, audio volume, etc.
  • command – a command that can be given to a device, such as on, off, play, say
  • query – a query that can be given to a device or other object, such as status or value
  • playlist – a music playlist
  • channel – a TV channel

Objects are identified by their type followed by their numeric identifier (e.g. “room 3”) or via a name given in the configuration file (e.g. living-room).

This allows me to define sentences in my control language:

  • <device> <command> – such as “light 3 on”, “socket 4 off” or “musicserver 1 play rolling-stones”
  • <device> <query> – such as “light 3 status” or “socket 4 value” (power for IAMs).
  • <sensor> <quantity> – e.g. “sensor 4 temperature” or “emontx power”
  • <area> <query> – e.g “room 1 occupied” (a query)
  • <area> <quantity> – e.g “floor 1 temperature” (a query)

I will implement various abbreviations, e.g

  • “play <playlist>” means “musicserver 1 play <playlist>”
  • “temperature 1” means “sensor 1 temperature”
  • “bbc1” means “set-top-box 1 set-channel bbc1”

I will try this and see how it works out.

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1 Response to Home automation informal ontology

  1. rtcpractise says:

    Is there any new information about your ontology available?

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