Voice control now working!

I completed my projects to implement an English-like language to control my home automation devices, and to configure everything with an XML file, so the next step was voice control.

This proved remarkably easy. I made a few modifications to the SpeechRepeat Android application so that it sends the words spoken to a socket, and I have voice control from my Android tablet.

The Android application uses the Google voice recognizer and gives you a list of the closest matches. You tap on the correct one and the action occurs or the data is returned. It is really cool to say “lights on” to switch on all the living room lights. I am sure my grandchildren will amuse themselves by saying “say <any sentence>” and hearing it from the text to voice synthesizer on the PC.

I can give names to sockets and other devices in the configuration file, so this allows me to say things like “fan on” rather than “socket 1 on”.

Voice control is cool, but the really cool things is going to be gesture control using a Leap, Kinect or Asus Xtion.

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