Tutorial: Your first house.xml configuration file

This is the first of a series of tutorials on how to use HouseControl.

This tutorial creates a simple XML file, house.xml, to describe your home configuration. It assumes that you are using LightwaveRF and have your transceiver running, and plugged in via USB.

This is the configuration file:

    <floor id="1" name="Ground">
        <room name="Living" id="1">
            <light id="1" name="mylight" type="LWRF" 
             code="6febbeedb77b" channel="1"></light>
    <config listen_port="50000" lwrf_port="COM8" 
       <plugin class="net.geekgrandad.plugin.LWRFControl" 
            <interface name="LightControl"></interface>

It describes a house with a single floor called “Ground” containing a single room called “Living”. This has a single light called mylight. It could be a LightwaveRF light switch or a CFL bulb.

You will need to change the code attribute to the 6-byte ID of your LightWaveRF remote and channel to the channel number you are using.

In the config tag, listen_port defines the port that HouseControl will listen on and lwrf_port is the serial port that your LightwaveRF transceiver uses.

The plugins section tells HouseControl to load the LWRFControl plugin to control lights.

If you are currently successfully using my LightwaveRF library and you have a PC or other machine running Java, you should be able to run HouseControl with this configuration file. Just follow the installation instructions in the README.md file.

If the server runs with no errors, run HouseChat and type “light 1 on” or “mylight on”. It should turn the light on. “mylight off” will turn it off.

Use Ctrl+C to stop the HouseControl server.

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2 Responses to Tutorial: Your first house.xml configuration file

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Lawrie,

    I’ve tried following the instructions in the README file. I get the error “Error: Could not find or load main class net.geekgrandad.HouseControl” when I try and run housecontrol.bat.

    I’m not familiar with Java so not sure how the java -cp command works. I think the .bat file may need updating.

    I look forward to trying your software out. I already have your arduino library working well!


    • Geek Grandad says:

      Hi Simon, I think I have fixed that problem. I am not sure this software is ready for prime time. I have not been using it myself for a while and I have not heard of anyone else using it. I am about to start using it again, and my recent changes create a jar file but failed to make the script files use it, which is the problem you hit. Try it out by all means, but you will be a pioneer.

      It did work quite well for me when I was using it regularly.


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