HouseControl media services

I have added media services to HouseControl.

Media services have a wide definition. They are any services that are supplied by TVs, set top boxes, music servers, streaming devices etc.

So the following are media services:

  • BBC iPlayer, 4 on demand, ITV Player, Demand 5
  • Broadcast TV channels
  • Catch up TV
  • On demand TV, music, movies, etc.
  • XBMC plug-ins
  • Youtube
  • TED videos
  • TV guide (EPG)

… and many others.

So, I can now issue a command

device service (e.g. xbmc iPlayer)

to select a service.

Once a service is selected, commands can be issued to navigate around it, do searches, scroll through results, select items and play them.

The services I have implemented so far are mainly on my Virgin TiVo device and selected by sequences of infrared commands. The Virgin TV box provides a multitude of services including broadcast TV, catch-up TV, on-demand TV, music and movies, pay per view movies, Youtube, apps, games, etc.

I have implemented a “type” command that sends the correct IR commands to type text into search boxes etc. This makes it much easier to search using my HouseChat client, rather than via the remote control.

I have also started an XBMC control plugin that provides similar capabilities using OpenElec on the Raspberry Pi, via the HTTP JsonRPC API.

I need to make my Spotify music server plug-in consistent with this scheme.

I also plan to implement a Windows iTunes plugin using the COM API.

This should allow seamless control of all my music and media services across the house, using HouseControl.

This is all work in progress, and I have not got it all consistent yet, but it is looking promising.

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