nRF24L01 2.4Ghz wireless modules

2013-07-14 10.02.12

I tried out a couple of Nordic Semiconductors nRF24L01 modules using maniacbug‘s RF24 Arduino library.

They work fine and cost next to nothing.

They could be used as a replacement for the RFM12B, although reports of the death of the RFM12B may have been exaggerated.

I have no immediate plans to use the nRF24L01 modules, but will wait and see what sort of infrastructure the open source hardware community builds using these modules.

What I would really like to do is to to work out how to communicate with my Coulisse blinds that use 2.4Ghz transceivers.

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2 Responses to nRF24L01 2.4Ghz wireless modules

  1. Thomas Coopman says:


    A bit late, but I wondered if you ever figured out how to remote control your coulisse blinds with 2.4GHz transceivers?
    I am looking into doing this too, but I have no experience with arduino/raspberry pi whatsoever, so if there is anything you have to get started, that would be great!

    • Lawrie Griffiths says:

      No, I never did investigate it. It looked hard to make any progress and I don’t find that I use the remote function much anyway.

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