Leap Motion sensor

I received my Leap Motion sensor today.

It was easy to set up and start playing games like, Cut the Rope, which my granddaughter enjoyed.

I registered as a developer, downloaded the SDK, and tried out the Java sample application.

This was all very quick and straightforward and the instructions for setting things up in Eclipse were easy to follow and very simple.

This took a few minutes and the sample application was fine.

It took a few more minutes to convert the sample application to send commands to HouseControl, and I was switching my lights on and off using clockwise and anti-clockwise circle gestures!

It is a tiny device and very neat.

The problem is that it is not really suited to the the expansive arm-waving gestures that would be best for home automation. It works with finger gestures just above and behind the laptop keyboard.

An MYO device is probably what I really want.

So can I use the Leap Motion for home automation? And if so, how?

I think a graphical application that shows photographic views of the walls and ceiling of my rooms is needed. A swipe gesture could take me from one wall to another, and from one room to another.

This could show where my fingers were pointing, so I could point at a specific device and then use a gesture such as a tap or circle to manipulate the device.

This would be cool, but I am not sure how practical it would be. To have to switch to this app, whenever I wanted to control a device would be a pain. Also, I am not sure how practical controlling complex devices like media player would be.

I would probably need to go into a different mode for media control. For controlling a program like XBMC which uses the TV screen, this could look a bit Minority Report like. Controlling devices like the Virgin TiVo that need to go via infrared, would be a bit more clunky.

This is all a learning experience, and quite exciting.

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