GrovePi Sensor Radio Alarm Clock

2015-06-01 13.39.17

I made this internet radio from a Raspberry Pi B+, a GrovePi shield, the case from a BrickPi, some Grove sensors and a cheap phone speaker. The buttons are homemade by soldering switches to a Grove cable with a 10k pull-down resistor.

It currently has a temperature sensor and light sensor. I plan to add an air quality sensor and a loudness sensor. The sensor values are published to MQTT and can be displayed on the screen.

It has a buzzer for the alarm.

The software to drive it is in python. I will publish it when I have tidied it up a bit.

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2 Responses to GrovePi Sensor Radio Alarm Clock

  1. Look awesome! What conditions does it play radio?

    • Lawrie Griffiths says:

      Hi John, It uses mpd to play internet radio stations or mp3files. You set up a set of m3u playlist files in /var/lib/mpd/playlists. They can be links to radio stations or playlists of local mp3 files. You then control the radio with the two buttons. The first scrolls through options and the second selects them. The radio menu lets you select the playlists by name. A few more buttons or other controls would make it a bit easier. Lawrie

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