You’ve got mail

2015-07-11 09.28.11

My house now lets me know when I have mail delivered through my letter box. This is mainly electronic components from China. It tells me “You’ve got mail” in a Stephen Hawking voice.

It takes a few Raspberry Pi servers to achieve this:

2015-07-11 09.29.26

The enOcean sensor on the letter box is driven by a solar panel and so needs no power supply and is maintenance free – no batteries to change.

The EnOcean gateway Raspberry Pi receives the wireless signal from the letter box sensor and publishes it to the Raspberry Pi Mosquitto MQTT server. The node-red server has a flow that subscribes to the MQTT message and calls the HouseControl server via a TCP socket, which does the voice synthesis.

So now, nothing is left lying on the hall floor for even a few seconds. I get to play with my toys as soon as they arrive.

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1 Response to You’ve got mail

  1. fountside says:

    Great idea! Unfortunately my letterbox opens outwards so I can’t implement this… maybe I should have a think about it though.

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