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I have recently been working with the team from OpenEnergyMonitor to include support for LightwaveRF in their new emonPi product – see their blog post.

There was a port of my LightWaveRF library called lightwaverf-pi on Github. I forked this and added a daemon that allows LWRF devices to be switched using MQTT. This is now included on the emonPi SD image. I also assisted in getting openHAB working with LightwaveRF using MQTT, and this will also be included on the emonPI SD card image.

I have replaced and early version of their emonTx product that I was using for electricity monitoring, with the emonPi – see the picture above.

This now includes a CT sensor, an AC adaptor to measure the electricity supply voltage, and a pulse counter on my electricity meter. My electricity monitoring is now much more accurate, and I am using emonCMS to analyse my usage data.

EmonCMS runs on the emonPi and in the cloud at emoncms.org. I am using both.

It provides a wide range of apps, dashboards, visualisations, etc., for analysing power and other sensor data. For example the My Electric App:


and a custom dashboard:


EmonPi also includes a service called emonHub that reads data from a Jeenode network, publishes data to MQTT and to the local and cloud version of emonCMS.

Here is its Nodes page that shows data coming from the emonPi and the rest of my Jeenode network.


The emonPi is an excellent addition to my home automation system, but I still have some decisions to make about how to incorporate it into the rest of my system.

It gives me much better electricity monitoring and data analysis. It gives me another way to control my LightwaveRF devices, but does not receive data from LightwaveRF switches, remotes, etc., so is an incomplete solution for LightwaveRF. It is a possible host for my MQTT, node-red and openHAB services, and possibly others. Currently I have duplication of services and functionality, which I need to rationalise


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