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Marvin the Respeaker

I have been playing with the Seeedstudio Respeaker Kickstarter device. It is designed to enable you to build your own Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices and is similar to the circuit board from an Echo Dot. The software and … Continue reading

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Social robot (1)

I am working on a social robot to wander around the house, find people, and annoy them. Some of its features are: Autonomous wandering, looking for humans Face recognition and face tracking Recognising people by name Following people by tracking … Continue reading

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I got an Amazon Echo the day it came out in the UK, and replaced the Raspberry Pi version in my kitchen with it. I also have an Amazon Dot on order for when in comes out in the UK … Continue reading

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My first robot wars robot

My grandson Elliot wanted me to build him a robot wars style robot. I thought I would try one with a flipper, as chainsaws and flame throwers seemed a bit dangerous for a child. I have no skills in metal … Continue reading

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Pebble voice control

I bought a Pebble Time Steel a few weeks ago when the price dropped, and have just started looking at creating my own apps and watch faces for it. The CloudPebble site makes it very easy to develop apps for … Continue reading

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Alexa on the Raspberry Pi

UPDATE June 16th 2016: I was wrong about Alexa not being able to access my UK Amazon account. It appears that my UK an USA accounts are linked, so when I said “Read my Kindle”, Alexa started reading me my … Continue reading

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Controlling my house with texts

I backed the Seeedstudio RePhone Kickstarter, and got the Create kit. I thought I would use it as a house SMS server, so that I can control my house with text messages when I am out. I can already control … Continue reading

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