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Controlling my house with texts

I backed the Seeedstudio RePhone Kickstarter, and got the Create kit. I thought I would use it as a house SMS server, so that I can control my house with text messages when I am out. I can already control … Continue reading

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Roomba robot with uarm

This is my Roomba robot with a uarm. The uarm and the Roomba are controlled by a Raspberry Pi. An Arduino Leonardo is used to drive the Roomba serial interface. The Raspberry Pi uses a MoPi┬áto control its power and … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi alternatives

Arduino Yun BeagleBone Black UDOO PCDuino Elektor Linux board Mars board CubieBoard Parallella Odroid U2 Mele A1000 Olimex Imx233 Via APC

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nRF24L01 2.4Ghz wireless modules

I tried out a couple of Nordic Semiconductors nRF24L01 modules using maniacbug‘s RF24 Arduino library. They work fine and cost next to nothing. They could be used as a replacement for the RFM12B, although reports of the death of the … Continue reading

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OpenRemote with 868Mhz and 434MHz transceivers

I now have my OpenRemote system working with two transceivers: one at 868Mhz and one at 434MHz. The 868MHz one is an RFM12B module on a Jeelink and is using FSK transmission using the Jeelib library. This is currently receiving … Continue reading

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LightwaveRF Arduino library

There is a first version of my LightwaveRF library on Github. It sends and receive 10-byte LightwaveRF 434MHz messages. I have successfully used it to switch sockets on and off and to detect button presses on a remote control and … Continue reading

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Keith revisited

I have got my Roomba robot, which my granddaughter named Keith, back working again. I had removed the Arduino from it and had to work out again which wire went to which of the Roomba DIN plug pins. I now … Continue reading

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