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Raspberry Pi with JeeLink

I have tried the Raspberry Pi with Jeelink based on the instructions at Jeelabs. As I was using the JeeLink and not a serial connection to a Jeenode, I installed screen and did: screen /dev/ttyUSB0 57600 and the output from … Continue reading

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Keith revisited

I have got my Roomba robot, which my granddaughter named Keith, back working again. I had removed the Arduino from it and had to work out again which wire went to which of the Roomba DIN plug pins. I now … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi controller

I have just received the 512Mb Raspberry Pi that I have had on order from RS Components for several months. It is running Raspbian wheezy on a 16Gb SD card. It was very easy to get OpenRemote and my java … Continue reading

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