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Social robot (1)

I am working on a social robot to wander around the house, find people, and annoy them. Some of its features are: Autonomous wandering, looking for humans Face recognition and face tracking Recognising people by name Following people by tracking … Continue reading

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My first robot wars robot

My grandson Elliot wanted me to build him a robot wars style robot. I thought I would try one with a flipper, as chainsaws and flame throwers seemed a bit dangerous for a child. I have no skills in metal … Continue reading

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Roomba robot with uarm

This is my Roomba robot with a uarm. The uarm and the Roomba are controlled by a Raspberry Pi. An Arduino Leonardo is used to drive the Roomba serial interface. The Raspberry Pi uses a MoPi┬áto control its power and … Continue reading

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BoB robot printed by the Ormerod printer

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I have been working for the last month on leJOS for the LEGO MindStorms EV3. leJOS stands for LEGO Java Operating System. On the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, it really was an operating system, as it replaced the firmware on the … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi alternatives

Arduino Yun BeagleBone Black UDOO PCDuino Elektor Linux board Mars board CubieBoard Parallella Odroid U2 Mele A1000 Olimex Imx233 Via APC

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Keith revisited

I have got my Roomba robot, which my granddaughter named Keith, back working again. I had removed the Arduino from it and had to work out again which wire went to which of the Roomba DIN plug pins. I now … Continue reading

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Nokia N82 display

I bought a Nokia N82 display with an Arduino interface board from Andy Brown. I have mainly used it plot real-time wave forms, but not very seriously yet. I might use it as a display for leJOS on RPi. It … Continue reading

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leJOS on the Raspberry Pi

Running leJOS on the Raspberry Pi as a Linux host is straightforward. What I want to do is use the RPi as a greatly enhanced Lego NXT running leJOS. To do this I have added an Arduino Uno and a … Continue reading

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I built a robot on a Roomba base a few months ago. My granddaughter has named him Keith. It is driven by a RaspBerry Pi with a Wifi dongle, and a powered USB hub. It is powered by a Powergen … Continue reading

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