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Marvin the Respeaker

I have been playing with the Seeedstudio Respeaker Kickstarter device. It is designed to enable you to build your own Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices and is similar to the circuit board from an Echo Dot. The software and … Continue reading

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Couch Potato

I have had a Jeenode force sensor under my couch for a while. I thought I would use it for some couch potato monitoring. This node-red flow causes my house to say “Hello, couch potato” when anyone sits down on … Continue reading

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EnOcean energy harvesting home automation

I have started experimenting with EnOcean devices to add to my home automation system. The sensor kit and the Raspberry Pi interface were quite cheap, but the finished devices are usually expensive as they are mainly aimed at the commercial … Continue reading

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GrovePi Sensor Radio Alarm Clock

I made this internet radio from a Raspberry Pi B+, a GrovePi shield, the case from a BrickPi, some Grove sensors and a cheap phone speaker. The buttons are homemade by soldering switches to a Grove cable with a 10k … Continue reading

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Why do I need 5, 6 or 7 boxes to watch stuff on my TV?

All I really want to do is listen to music and watch stuff on my TV. And my granchildren want to play some games. Why is it so hard? In my living room, like many people, I have a large … Continue reading

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A useful Xmas present

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Jeelabs Graphics board

I have produced a little display using the Jeelabs Graphics board: I am not sure how useful this is. It is a bit like OpenEnergyMonitor’s emonGLCD I have a DS touch screen that I experimented with a while ago. I … Continue reading

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