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I got an Amazon Echo the day it came out in the UK, and replaced the Raspberry Pi version in my kitchen with it. I also have an Amazon Dot on order for when in comes out in the UK … Continue reading

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Preparing for use of HouseControl

This post is aimed at people who are planning to use my open source HouseControl Java server. If you plan to use it with LightwaveRF devices, you should first be successfully using my LightwaveRF Arduino library. This requires an Arduino … Continue reading

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HouseControl plugin architecture

I have now restructured by HouseControl (previously known as ORControl) Java software. It now has a plugin architecture. This means that all control of devices and other features is implemented by a plugin. Each plugin has a defined interface and … Continue reading

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My house sends me emails!

My house has now started sending me emails. Currently it sends an email when the EDF Individual Appliance Monitors detect that an appliance has started or finished. This is useful, particularly for telling me when the washing machine or clothes … Continue reading

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