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Alexa on the Raspberry Pi

UPDATE June 16th 2016: I was wrong about Alexa not being able to access my UK Amazon account. It appears that my UK an USA accounts are linked, so when I said “Read my Kindle”, Alexa started reading me my … Continue reading

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Using openHAB as a User interface

I have been experimenting with using openHAB to control my home automation devices. I am mainly using it as a user interface to existing capability. It is very easy to set up, and install, and is very portable. Its default … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Touch Display Application

I have written a Java Swing touch screen application for my new Raspberry Pi Touch Display. It lets me control most of the devices in my house, and shows environmental data for the rooms in my house: It also displays information, … Continue reading

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You’ve got mail

My house now lets me know when I have mail delivered through my letter box. This is mainly electronic components from China. It tells me “You’ve got mail” in a Stephen Hawking voice. It takes a few Raspberry Pi servers … Continue reading

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Roomba robot with uarm

This is my Roomba robot with a uarm. The uarm and the Roomba are controlled by a Raspberry Pi. An Arduino Leonardo is used to drive the Roomba serial interface. The Raspberry Pi uses a MoPi to control its power and … Continue reading

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Why do I need 5, 6 or 7 boxes to watch stuff on my TV?

All I really want to do is listen to music and watch stuff on my TV. And my granchildren want to play some games. Why is it so hard? In my living room, like many people, I have a large … Continue reading

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Media control using APIs

I am having fun trying to control various media programs via their APIs. Currently, I am concentrating on Spotify, XBMC and iTunes. I run Spotify and iTunes on Microsoft Windows, and XBMC on a Raspberry Pi. I also occasionally run … Continue reading

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