My name is Lawrie Griffiths and I am a Geek and a Grandad.

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  1. Paul Hibbert says:

    Wow, You have a seemingly unending and incredible list of things I wish I was capable of!

    I thought I was pretty swish when I put this together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob6XSw4wSvc

    I was wrong!

    If you haven’t seen it already (which I’m guessing you have considering how diverse your supplier list is) then you should check out vox commando for some fun with voice control… http://www.voxcommando.com/

    Anyway just wanted to say how impressed I am!



    • Geek Grandad says:

      Hi Paul, I will try Vox Commander. I used the Google engine for Speech recognition. It works best with sentences and phrases that occur in natural speech, rather than the rather contrived commands that I use for controlling devices. Vox commander might work better for some things. Your Alexander voice is better than the Java FreeTTS one that I a currently using. Mine sounds like Stephen Hawking. I don’t have a working alarm system like yours at the moment, but I do have all the components of it. I am trying a few cameras including the new Raspberry Pi one.

      I am currently mainly working on controlling media devices throughout the house. I now have XBMC, Spotify, iTunes, Virgin TiVo and a Kodak photo frame under some sort of control.

      I have done a lot of things but they all need some improvement. I might make some videos when I have things working reliably.


  2. Paul says:

    Hi Lawrie,

    Sounds brilliant!

    Vox Commando was originally set up to control XBMC and Media Monkey amongst others, so you might find that it really helps with the voice control thing, though Vox is Windows based which may or may not cause you some difficulty.

    The TTS voice I’m using is IVONA’s Brian. Though having a better voice might spoil the nerdiness of it 😉

    I would love to see a video once you have something up and running. let me know once you do and hopefully I’ll see you around the Vox Commando forum/Youtube at some point.


  3. bert386 says:

    Hello Lawrie,

    In your post about Logging Electricity Data to Xively ( https://geekgrandad.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/logging-electricity-data-to-xively/ ) You mention the following

    “There are other sites that I could update this data to, such as the OpenEnergyMonitor site. I will probably write a plugin for that site.”

    Did you ever manage to get Data from Xivley to flow into EmonCMS?

  4. Hi Lawrie.

    I’m just getting into Arduino, NodeMCU etc. know very little about any of it. Stumbled across this page and I’m impressed, wish I had your knowledge …

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