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Predictions of the future

How should I control my home automation system?

Apps and web consoles I currently control my automated home devices and appliances by OpenRemote panels on my Android tablet, Android phone or via the OpenRemote web console. Wireless and infra-red remotes I can also use remote controls such as … Continue reading

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Psychotropic house

My aim is to make my house psychotropic as in the story The thousand dreams of Stellavista in the short story collection Vermilion Sands by JG Ballard. Unfortunately plastex has not been invented yet and programmable matter has not reached … Continue reading

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An Optimist’s Tour of the Future

I have just read Mark Stevenson’s An Optimist’s Tour of the Future. It is a series of interviews with futurologists, scientists working on cutting edge technologies, and a few other random people. There were some quite interesting interviews, but overall … Continue reading

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